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-- oh, my god! sean hannity is capable of being angrier at any given moment than he actually is at that moment! (laughter) he has torn a rift in the space-anger continuum! (laughter) folks, obama's complete lack of loyalty to our murderous dictator allies doesn't just enrage me-- and the loud hole at the top of sean hannity's neck-- it also is raising a red flag for texas congressman and forehead american louie gohmert. jim? >> thank you, president barack hussein obama. he has helped jump start a new ottoman empire. you look across tunisia, libya, egypt and iraq and iran and syria, lebanon, you look and you go, oh, my gosh, this is the makings, this is the beginnings of massive beginnings of a new ottoman empire that president obama can take great credit for. >> stephen: you heard him right. the ottoman empire. it ruled the middle east for over 600 years until it finally collapsed in 1922. or did it? (cheers and applause) (laughter) it did. (laughter) but according to gohmert the ottoman empire is making a comeback with the help of barack obama. and we don't stand a chance, f
and the debate is what mitt romney is talking about. sean hannity getting the presidential hopeful's exclusive reaction to his performance on wednesday night. take a look at this. >> i was pleased i had a chance to talk about my vision forl america. the president was able to answer some questions that i posed i think americans across the country wanted to have answered. it was not a big gotcha night coming from the moderator but instead the president and i to go toe-to-toe on important issues people care about. i thought it was a helpful night. in the final analysis people will decide what kind of america they want. >> charles krauthammer is giving his analysis they got to see governor romney but wednesday offering a different view of him. >> romney had the highest negatives at this stage of the campaign in any challenger in three decades. they work only up to until they collide with reality. reality is a debate where you see the real guy for the first time and you get this remarkable reaction in the cbs poll 56 percent of respondents said their opinion of romney had risen. their opinion of ro
what you are talking about. >> sean: in a "hannity" exclusive, the governor and his runningmate paul ryan are here with their very first post-district attorney bait interview. >> what was he doing tonight? >> sean: the left spirals into full panic mode and liberals search for answers in the wake of the debacle in denver. joe biden admits, he wants to raise your taxes by trillions. >> ooh 'bama and biden want to raise your tax by $5 trillion. guess what? yes, we do. >> sean: and the real obama is exposed as another disturbing tape emerges from his past. we have it tonight. plus, a special edition of media mash. we investigate race and politics. we are 33 days away from election day. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." the consensus is in. governor mitt romney was the decisive winner in last night's presidential debate. in just a moment, i will be joined for an exclusive interview by both governor romney and his runningmate, congressman paul ryan. even the most left-wing observers have conceded that their candzidate bombed without his teleprompter last night.
is in atlanta. good afternoon to both of you. toure we have been talking about sean hannity's world exclusive with paul ryan and mitt romney last night but what about the bombshell videos that mr. hannity had. why didn't he even mention them last night? >> well, mitt romney surely doesn't want to have anything to do. he wants his fingerprints completely off of those. so surely they said, hey, don't bring that up. that stuff is ugly. we've already got in enough trouble for that. we don't want to have anything to do with that. of course, they leave that all on the side. they have enough trouble with their own secret videos that they're still struggling with. don't let anybody tell you the 47% video is not having an effect. it is absolutely having an affect on this election, and anything that romney says after that to try to say i am caring, i care about the 100%, we saw what you really said and what you really meant. we know who you really are. so we don't have to ask anymore. we have the answer. >> okay, goldie, we have conspiracy theories on the polls, conspiracy theories on the unemployment
the milk money, for crying out loud. >> don't start with me, sean hannity. >> sean: that was dane amount of yeah. egged on by sean hannity. >> sean: blame the host. coming up... >> today, al qaeda's on its heels and bin laden is no more. >> sean: now, cbs news'ular laura logan calls the obama administration on its lies on al qaeda. we will tell you what the middle-east reporter really says is going on and bob woodward and another endorsement, why is stacey dash on the receiving end of a backlash -- she is supporting mitt romney. look at the horrible double look at the horrible double standard, racist tweets and those little things still get you. for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your hea
without fox news, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, drudge report, with the network's dominant and "the washington post" and "the new york times" ascended. mitt romney is being undone by some conspiracy out of a 7- eleven in falls church? [laughter] >> there was no other reagan. was unique and a political actor unlike any we have seen. putting mitt against him is unfair. he is not a great campaigner. i think he would be a great president, but he is not a great campaigner. evan is right. if the polls are 0.9% in one direction, there probably true. -- 90% in one direction, they are probably true. but you have to apply a formula by who is likely to show up. if you apply the model of the 2008 electorate, you get one result, highly pro-obama. but if you say the electorate will look more like 2004, then the race is even. i think that is the only argument that you could make. not a conspiracy, it is which way you model the electorate, how it breaks down on election day. >> we have a debate coming up, nina. what is your advice to mitt romney? how to seat gain ascendancy >> - how does he gained
but the president never mentioned it once. >> that romney told sean hannity that he was sorry that he said that. >> it was a mistake. >> i never said this on television, but need is right. she actually stumbled on the truth. obama is not a good debater. it is not that obama was off his game. that is his game. he does not have a prompter, he is not good. you see this in press conferences, where he does not have a prompter. he had never been good at press conferences. he rambles, the press is always unimpressed with him. this was a situation where yet more control of the debate, because he picks the questionnaire, and he can decide how long he wants to take for the answer. his only advantage in the next debate will be this. it will be in a town hall. he has got more ability to connect with an audience than romney. he will have an advantage in the second debate that he did not have been the first. >> would you rather be good or lucky? 7.8% unemployment rate. that is pretty good news. >> unless you look at the actual numbers. if you look at those with new jobs, about 114,000. you have to have 150,0
just keeps his money in baja. here's what's crazy about this, if i'm not mistaken, sean hannity, you believe the this president to be what? >> he's the worst president we've had in my lifetime. a worse president than jimmy carter. this is the worst president america has ever had. >> jon: the worst ever in your lifetime on record ever, ever, ever, ever. and on the eve of the first presidential debate, the best, most explosive critique that you could deliver of the worst president we have ever had in this country is treating us to some reanimated [bleeped] video already been seen as though it were the rodney king tape in reverse. for more we're joined by our great black american panel, senior black men traitor, and wyatt cenak, larry wilmore. watching that hannity piece, it's almost unbelievable to see such naked race-baiting on television. what is that in >> it's some bull belief belief. >> yeah, hannity, your october surprise is that the president is black? >> they are some desperate mother [bleeped]. [laughter] >> jon: what about this attempt to portray a relatively middle of the ro
significantly. >> he's going to have an effort to eliminate freedom of speech for rush limbaugh and sean hannity. >> the rights of law-abiding gun owners will be at risk. >> barack obama wants to depopulate the countryside and make us ride around on bicycles. [laughter] >> jon: while the economy is not yet socialized, islamists burn effigies of obama, the stock market doubled, limbaugh and hannity blather on, gun rights have expanded and cars remain legal... [laughter] ...the point is... [applause] but after obama's inauguration, there was no time to reevaluate failed predictions because the bull [bleeped] harvest of obama's presidency would wait for no man. >> barack obama met with king abdullah. and what did he do? he bowed. >> free obama phones. free obama money. >> wealth redistribution. >> $200 million a day on the india trip. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? >> we've got acorn, we've got community organization. >> the rapper common. >> global apology tour. >> death panel. >> the obama indoctrination. >> obama brand reparations. >> obama is destroying this country. >> the mosqu
, we'll switch gears. arnold schwarzenegger talks to sean hannity about the affair that ruined his marriage. >> it just created a huge screwup. i you know, had this child. it destroyed my family. >> dana: is he really sorry? you'll hear more from that interview and greg's imitation next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir reveals the story behind the secret affair and the child that kept him from his family and his wife. sean hannity talked with him about it today. >> from your perspective, why? i mean, you have a beautiful wife, beautiful family. everything going for you. where is the disconnect? >> the thing that i cherish the most, i destroyed because stupid things. i just created a huge screwup. i, you know, had this child. and destroyed my family. hurt a lot of people. hurt my wife tremendously who doesn't deserve that. my kids, you know, relatives and all this. i'm embarrassed and ashamed about it. but you can't go back. >> andrea: yeah, you seem it. all right, catch the entire interview tonight on "hanni
that. do you remember this crazy interview with sean hannity. >> is there anything that you regret getting out the car that night? >> no, sir. >> cenk: wow, you know what? robert zimmerman, george zimmerman's brother in studio today to try to explain that, and defend his brother. oh that's going to be interesting. you don't want to miss a second of that. plus the elbow of the day plus the rage against the 1%. a hell of a show. it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now mitt romney is way down in the polls in swing states. i told you about that before. i even called the election. i think he's in huge, huge trouble. in tomorrow night's debate he needs a knockout punch. this is part of his problem the media loves to call everything even. find out if you analyze the substance, then you would be bias. that would not help mitt romney's cause any way. that would put him in bigger trouble. the last presidential debates, i love this fact. have you seen this? you probably saw it on "the young turks," and that's about it. the media, do you remember them saying, the declared winner is
. >> roland, what do you make of this video? >> i think it is utterly laughable that sean hannity and the rest of the folks make this out to be something significant. something that was written on june 7th, 2007, on, was a column i wrote with the headline called "obama's quiet riots are real." so they want to -- >> quiet riot is a phrase he was using in this very speech. >> no, but my point is i was referencing the speech that he also gave to the hampton ministers conference. here's the deal, you talk about the amount of money spent on the gulf coast. first of all, new orleans and gulf coast, that's alabama and mississippi, okay? is this going to have any impact of the selection? absolutely not. this is something more than sean hannity's infactuation with reverend jeremiah wright. >> roy watkins, is there significanceo this, do you believe? >> i think there's no material significance here, but the republicans are very good at taking nothing and turning it into what appears to be something. we have to remember we live in a country that has forever been poise upped by the psychological d
comments caught on hidden camera. romney appeared on the sean hannity show on fox news last night and said his comments about the 47% of americans who don't pay income tax were, quote, just completely wrong. in that video, romney said 47% of americans consider themselves victims and don't take personal responsibility. he originally defended those comments. >>> there is anticipation ahead of september's jobs report. analysts are predicting the economy added 115,000 to 125,000 jobs last month. that's better than the disappointing 96,000 jobs added in august. the unemployment stands at 8.1%. >>> to a developing story. public health officials are rn wai warning hundreds of people in more than 20 states, including maryland and virginia, about a steroid contaminated and responsible for a deadly meningitis outbreak. the steroid was sent to 20 different facilities in nine different states, including nine facilities in our area for individuals suffering from back pain. people are warning anyone who received those steroid injections to keep a close eye. >> people with meningitis can have fever, wors
on a new course as it relates to job creation, a new course as it relates to the economy. >> sean hannity thinks this video is a bombshell. do you think it is a bombshell and will the romney campaign will use it in television ads? >> well, i think that it was covered in 2007. i think a number of folks will continue to cover it today. how they cover it in that context i think a lot of that is up to individual voters and whether they think it's relevant to the conversation we're having today. we believe as a campaign i think governor romney believes what's most relevant are the president's policies and how they areaffecting people's bottom line. that's a much more relevant debate that we'll focus on. >> if they do not see a new romney will they see a romney offering specifics as to deductions he might prefer in terms of what we now do not see in tax reform? >> it's hard to get into a whole lot of specifics particularly when you're talking about something as complex as all the deductions you would go through as part of tax reform. but on the issue of tax reform governor romney will offer a g
the line he used with sean hannity ready to use in the debate when he, of course, expected barack obama would attack him in some way, shape, or form on the 47% comment. barack obama never did so, which i continue to find baffling strategically, but mitt romney i think wanted to get it out there in the air before october 16th and the next debate. my guess what he'll do, when barack obama almost assuredly attacks him in the october 16th debate he will say that's old news, i've apologized for it, made a mistake, an interesting way, barack obama allowed mitt romney to frame it the way he wants which is clearly a damaging moment for mitt romney's campaign, he's trying to move beyond it, and i think this is his attempt to do so, though, my guess is barack obama will not let this apology be the last word on it. >> and also get ahead of it before the vice presidential debate because you know joe biden was going to go after it. still inexplicable why the president didn't use it wednesday night. thank you so much, chris. see you later. joining me now to dig deeper into the jobs data, u.s. economi
could obscure. >>> up next tucker and sean hannity with explosive new information about barack obama. was the five-year-old tape really news and jack welch acushion the obama team of cooking the books on the latest jobs fegs. really? ♪ [ male announcer ] one in six. that's how many struggle with hunger in america. ♪ but what if there was a simple way to feed those in need? now, there is. shop walmart for select brands' low prices through october 12th and you help secure meals for local families. go to and learn more about how you can join the fight. because hunger is a big probm and it needs a big answer. now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work gett
thinking about the issues and obama just working off the talking points. >> i heard what sean hannity said earlier talking about this being obama at his weakest. i've done these sessions before and i thought this is romney at his strength. what is your reaction? >> this is -- romney i think he had a lot of facts and laid out his five-point plan. it makes sense but he came across with compassion which i appreciated. >> i think romney had a lot of passion and facts but i think that president obama has been so protected. he's never had to defend these policies face-to-face. he doesn't have the facts and he is defenseless because everybody that kept questioners away weren't able to do that. >> we're going to close. you lean towards obama. you're listening to this? what advice do you have for barack obama? >> he has to be more aggressive. i felt like mitt romney ready to jump in and i thought the moderator is not fair about the whole thing. every time he jumped in, you let him go. >> and there is -- we've done these in 2008 ask other networks in the past. i'll tell you i have not had a group th
was surprised when governor romney had these comments, i think he was talking to sean hannity last night. because it felt like all he should be talking about is by the way, did you see me in the debate? and to bring up something that took -- was a very difficult for the campaign seemed like an unwise twist or turn. >> it did not come up with the debate which was shocking enough. why let it be a topic of discussion in an interview, friendly interview, if we can say that with fox news in what was more remarkable it was clear evolution. this is a vastly different answer he gave right away. >> when you say evolution you mean what? >> i mean the story really clanged. he stands by the comments p.m. last night he said those comments are completely wrong. in what's fascinating to me is he clearly had a prepared answer that he was prepared to give in the debate on wednesday night if president obama brought that up. why is he bringing it up to sean hannity last night? if he likes his response so much why not wait until the second debate? >> it seems to me to -- i felt it pulled focus from what was
that 47% of voters are dependent on the government. he told fox 11 news' sean hannity he believes in supporting all americans. romney and president obama both hit the campaign trail yesterday following their first debate in colorado. the president acknowledged romney's stellar performance but questioned the republican challenger's accuracy. >> when i got on the stage, i met this very spirited fellow to claims to be mitt romney. you about i know it couldn't have been -- but i know it couldn't have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> i saw the president's vision as trickle down government and i don't think that's what america believes in. >> nielsen estimates 67 million people saw tuesday evening's debate, the most watches since 1992. >>> and we're just getting started on a friday. it is an annoying annual event the east bay city dealing with an aggressive invasion of birds. >> plus, he was just one badge away from reaching eagle scout. why it may never happen
it. barack obama didn't bring it up, but the next day in an interview with sean hannity on fox news, this is what he said. >> well, clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question and answer sessions, now and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right. in this case i said something that's completely wrong. gwen: completely wrong is not the same as inelegantly stated. was that what he was prepared to say at the debate but never came out? >> i think so. i think in some ways it was a loss to roll any that he didn't get the question because he was so ready for it. they had telegraphed that as well as other things before that that he was ready and prepared to take that question. i think they would have loved to have done it in fronts of the millions watching that debate, to be able to clear that plate. gwen: another number which i think if you were an average viewer that you would leave a little confused about was the $5 trillion dispute. what is true, dan? >> if you watched that debate you would have no idea what was true. gwen: even i g
any of that or -- sean hannity, i didn't see any of that. and hurt him instead of saying let me explain what i meant to say, i said it ineloquently, but i think people are gaming the system -- i didn't mean any of that. chris: below what he is offering that day, that week, what's there? what's the hard-core of mitt romney? >> first of all, we know he's a very competitive guy and the best moments he's had the past year have all been in debates. he's been a very effective debater at times. but what we saw and what was the most maddening thing about it was that he was still slinging a lot of baloney. he said he didn't want the federal government to be involved in health care and then he said that he would guarantee people with pre-existing conditions that they would keep their insurance. the president never challenged him on this and there were at least 10 moments to do that. >> he said i will repeal obamacare the first day i'm president. of course presidents don't have the power to change the law by themselves, excuse me. but now he said and a few days earlier, i'll keep pre-exist
of defense donald rumsfeld spoke with sean hannity and he believes the responsibility falls on the shoulders of president obama. >> it does stop with the president which she is not. on the other hand the buck with respect to providing security is certainly within her area of responsibility. it was a failure. on the other hand the responsibility for the way the white house has tried to cover this up and to manage it in a way that suggested at first it was u tube not anything to do with a planned attack with heavy weapons i think the responsibility for that as well as the responsibility for the secretary of state not providing appropriate security does in fact fall to the president. >> the white house facing continuing backlash for what many say was an attempt to cover up what really happened in benghazi. secretary clinton responds to those allegations later in the show. before that it is now time for your first degree weather update and maria molina has more on your current temperatures. >> good morning gad to see you. we are talking about cool temperatures or cool start to the day out across
that get started? of course on sean hannity. this is how pathetic he was last night. >> well, u.s. forces did -- horses were ridden by our troops in afghanistan. number one. and number two marines still use bayonets. so maybe somebody at the white house ought to educate the president on how our military actually works. >> cenk: that's the best you got? we're still using horse and bayonets. yeah. that's why that 1917 point about the navy -- [whining] speaking of crying, they'll do a lot of crying on fox news. we're going to pretend that romney won but most aren't even going to pretend. they're going to say -- we kind of lost. watch. >> how do you determine who won -- i hate to use such an expression. >> president obama won the debate? >> no. nobody won. >> could people at home see mitt romney as a president and i think in all three debates, they could. >> frenetic, desperate the president feeling behind tonight and going on the attack. even at times petulant and childish compared to a sober relaxed, confi
and sean hannity. karl rove's analysis on which case he thinks will go red or go blue. >> first let's start with some of the swing states. how confident are you that florida i would say it's pretty much a fate that is complete. north carolina and indiana turn blue to red. >> i think the republicans are well poised to take colorado and new hampshire t new hampshire today. >> north carolina indiana and virginia i think are in the repub can camp and doing more so every day. it's clear the republicans have done an excellent job of not only banking more votes but banking people who are less likely to vote. more of the democrat early vote in most of these states, ohio for example 42 percent of the early vote that democrats have banked are people who voted in three of the last four elections. those are people who will vote no matter what. you want to focus on the sporadic voters that voted in the 3rd or so. >> new hampshire governor oy bam ma supporter richardson. >> don't give your alliance two goody mandz to go that route. he was running around all of the evening shows because that's the only pl
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 278 (some duplicates have been removed)